Why bbu?

When bbu was launched in 1986 our research into the industry at the time highlighted many unresolved expectations in the service provided to companies. Our objective was to ensure that these expectations were met and that quality, professionalism and integrity prevailed. In order to do this we initiated methods to ensure that we provided the service that we were soon to be noted for, which other agencies adopted and which we feel have served us well in maintaining the highest reputation and longevity in the local recruitment industry.

Helen Palmer, Managing Director, bbu

Face to Face Interview

Before the innovation of the internet, agencies invariably met and interviewed all their candidates, as it was common practice for a candidate to visit the agency to register for work. Now that candidates register online it is rare for an agency to ask the candidate to visit their office for a face to face interview. We feel that this is not best practice.

As agencies, we are charging a fee for our service and to justify that fee we should be taking all steps to ensure we submit the right candidate. We are not only responsible for ensuring the right team fit, we also are obliged by law to prove eligibility to work in the UK. This has to be done in person.

Candidates Own CV

We do not believe in re-writing CVs to enhance a candidates chances of being selected, or standardise presentation so that all our CVs follow the same style and layout. We firmly believe that our clients should see how a candidate presents him/herself on paper as well as in person.

Each candidate is an individual and the way they present themselves on paper says a lot about their character. If a candidate submits a badly written CV to us we point out their errors and ask them to re-write it before we commence the selection process.

Three Point Selection

After we have taken a full job specification from our client we start the search process to find the right candidate. This person could be on our database already or someone we find through search. Once we have identified this person we have to ascertain their suitability.

  1. This means a full briefing on the position, salary, geography, experience, skills, availability but most important of all interest in the company and the role.
  2. Once this candidate has been put on our initial shortlist, we conduct a full telephone interview on their CV. We look at reasons for choosing jobs, longevity in jobs and reasons for leaving. We study their experience, skills set and suitability for the role. We discuss their aspirations, ideal role and interest in the position in question.
  3. Now that we have our final shortlist, each candidate is invited to meet us for a face to face interview to determine personality, profile, presentation and chemistry to ensure we have the right team fit for our client.

This 3 point process gives us a true profile of the individual. If we are unsure of a candidate’s suitability for a role we do not submit their CV.


When given a job specification we endeavour to submit good quality candidates for the role. However, if we believe a candidate is not completely right we do not submit their CV. Likewise, if a CV does not adequately represent the candidate’s true ability and skills set, yet we feel that they are suitable for a position, we discuss these points with our client before submitting the CV to give the client the chance to decide.

Successful recruitment requires teamwork between the employer and the agency. Open dialogue and honest and clear communication between all parties is essential in our view to guarantee an efficient and successful outcome in the recruitment process.

Too Much to Mention

In three decades of providing recruitment services to many and varied clients in a wide field of  industry sectors, our experience and acquired skills in understanding clients’ needs and candidates’ aspirations in an ever changing and evolving job market is vast. Each company is different and their needs unique. Our job is to understand these needs and respond in a way that guarantees their finding the right staff to match their company profile and industry challenges.

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